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At IQGeo we are listening to the needs of our customers and constantly enhancing our products. This product release center contains a summary of enhancement highlights from our most recent products releases and allows you to download our more detailed release notes.


Current releases 

Network Revenue Optimizer 1.1

Enhanced usability and performance 

  1. Estimate queue - Filterable view of the estimates that are running and have previously run.
  2. Fixed cost control in estimates - User can choose whether to apply fixed cost to a turnkey or fiber only estimate.
  3. Estimate processing performance - Improves the time it takes for estimates to complete.

Network Manager Fiber 1.1

Additional data model support & REST API 

  1. Expanded REST API - Expands the existing REST API by allowing add, change, and delete functionality of cables, structures, and equipment from external systems.
  2. Blown fiber support - Adds blown fiber support to the data model and related tools.

IQGeo Platform 6.0

Platform component enhancements

  1. Key theme with this release is architecture updates.
  2. Replacement of leaflet mapping library with OpenLayers.
  3. Formal product name change to IQGeo Platform.



Capture 3.1

Enhanced usability and performance 

  1. Configurable, multi-palette support - create groupings of structured features in their own palettes to better manage the features that can be included in the capture package.
  2. Package manager - Provides a convenient way to list, filter, delete, and search existing capture packages.
  3. Usability improvements - More intuitive user interface to work seamlessly across desktop and mobile platforms in addition to text box enhancements.


Workflow Manager 1.0

Initial product release

  1. Ticket management - Project and ticket tracking on any mobile device and back office workstations.
  2. Construction and operational workflows – Configure and create construction and operational workflow.
  3. Custom integration - Pull in additional information from other sources including sensors, crew location, telemetry, and alarms.

Inspection & Survey 4.2

Usability and data privatization

  1. Data privatization - For most users, data is now filtered to show only the records that are part of the user’s organization. This includes surveys (and the survey’s orders) crews, crew members, dispatchers and all reports.
  2. Order creation - Duplicate order - It is now possible to create a new order using the specifications of an existing order.
  3. Audio alerts - In the Survey Field Application, an audio alert will play if the GPS signal is lost while surveying or if the survey’s specified speed limit is exceeded.

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