Current releases

Workflow Manager release 1.0

Initial product release

Headline features:

1. Ticket Management - Project and ticket tracking on any mobile device and back office workstations

2. Construction and Operational Workflows – Configure and create construction and operational workflow

3. Custom Integration - Pull in additional information from other sources including sensors, crew location, telemetry, and alarms



Network Revenue Optimizer release 1.0

Initial product release

Headline features:

1. Alternate construction routes - Trace your network and produce several alternate construction routes to connect residential or commercial premises

2. Route revenue potential - Estimate costs and revenue potential to compare returns on these routes

3. Prospect planning - Plan new routes based on potential prospects and obstructions


myWorld release 5.2

Theme: Improved security and enhanced localization 

Headline enhancements 

1. Localization - Fully supports more than one language and option to set default language if there is an unexpected browser language. 

2. Replication control - Configure download options for one or more extracts, including authenticated extract downloads, timeout on extracts and making extracts writable by default. 

3.Read-only layers - A layer can be added as read-only to an application, which allows users to view the features and objects in application, but not edit. Features to be made editable in one application but not another. 


myWorld Inspection & Survey release 4.2

Theme: Usability and data privatization

Headline enhancements

1. Data privatization - A new concept, Organization, is introduced at this release. For most users, data is now filtered to show only the records that are part of the user’s organization. This includes surveys (and the survey’s orders) Crews, Crew Members, Dispatchers and all reports.

2. Order creation - Duplicate Order - It is now possible to create a new order using the specifications of an existing order.

3. Audio alerts - In the Survey Field Application, an audio alert will play if the GPS signal is lost while surveying or if the survey’s specified speed limit is exceeded.



myWorld release 5.1

Theme: Productivity improvements

Headline enhancements

1. Versioning support - As part of next generation geospatial strategy, this release provides support for versioning within myWorld.

2. Catalogue (Geometryless) feature support - myWorld now provides support for nonspatial tabular data from any source.

3. Multiple feature selection support - With a single mouse click or finger tap, you can now select multiple features within myWorld.


myWorld Inspection & Survey release 4.1

Theme: Usability and dashboard reporting

Headline enhancements

1. Dashboard reporting extensions - Many improvements have been made to the Dashboard reports to enhance data access and display including: ability to control the number of records being displayed, a single pop-out window now contains all reports, performance has been improved in loading data into reports, and filtering capabilities have also been enhanced.

2. Unsurveyed area layer - A new 'Unsurveyed Areas' layer has been created which more clearly defines geographic areas that contain unsurveyed, but surveyable items or significant areas where survey work still needs to be performed.

3. In the Field application - Using a new In the Field application, users now have the ability to dynamically change the selected survey order(s).



myWorld Capture release 3.0

Theme: Project and version management

Headline enhancements

1. Snapping - This new feature makes it possible to “snap” capture objects to other features on a map.

2. KML/KMZ export and import - Capture objects can be exported into third party applications and external files can be uploaded into an associated capture package using KML/KMZ files.

3. Package versions - Capture packages have the capability to be stored and managed in multiple “package versions” for the purpose of exploring and sharing different scenarios.



Upcoming releases

IQGeo Platform 6.0

The next version of the IQGeo myWorld software is scheduled to be released at the end of Q1 2020. This 6.0 release will contain two major foundation component enhancements and it also includes a formal product name change from themyWorld Platform” to the “IQGeo Platform”.

Theme: Platform component enhancements

1. Python upgrade with Pyramid framework
2. Replacement of Leaflet mapping library with OpenLayers
3. Formal product name change to IQGeo Platform


myWorld Capture release 3.1

Theme: Enhanced usability and performance enhancements

1. Configurable, Multi-Palette Support - This feature offers the ability to create groupings of structured features in their own palettes to better manage the features that can be included in the capture package
2. Package Manager - This new feature provides a convenient way to list, filter, delete, and search existing capture packages
3. Usability Improvements - We’ve reworked the user interface to be more intuitive and work seamlessly across desktop and mobile platforms in addition to text box enhancements