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At IQGeo we are listening to the needs of our customers and constantly enhancing our products. This product release center contains a summary of enhancement highlights from our most recent products releases.


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Current releases 

Network Manager Fiber 2.1

Import and reporting enhancements

  1. Reporting – The system now provides an extensible framework for reporting along with multiple reports out of the box.
  2. Design import – Supports import of design data from external systems.
  3. UX enhancements – User experience enhancements have been added to the equipment tree, results toolbar, design toolbar, admin config, conflict screens, and more.

IQGeo Platform 6.2

Authentication, searching, and layer enhancements

  1. Authentication enhancements – Support for authentication via SAML and OIDC identity providers that allow additional functionality like SSO and 2FA
  2. Ad-hoc query tool – An advanced search tool is available that allows users to construct complex queries to further filter standard search results
  3. Esri FeatureServer support – The Platform now renders Esri layers provided by ArcGIS FeatureServer services  

Workflow Manager 2.0

Product redesign and refresh

  1. User interface refresh – The user interface has been updated with a modern and fresh new look while maintaining existing functionality.
  2. Integrated application – The Workflow Manager product has been redesigned and is integrated with the IQGeo Platform application.
  3. Anywhere support – Workflow Manager is now available for use on iOS, Android, and Windows through the Anywhere application.

Network Manager Fiber 2.0

Enhanced design and mobile functionality

  1. Schematic view – Provides a graphical representation of your data that’s generated on-the-fly and updated automatically as you work.
  2. Inside plant – Supports detailed modeling of network equipment at customer premises and hubs.
  3. Conflict avoidance – View objects from other designs to avoid conflicts later.


IQGeo Platform 6.1

Performance improvements and new functionality

  1. Improved performance of vector rendering – Reduced amount of data returned from the server improving speed of rendering.
  2. Map doodling – Users can doodle or draw on a area of the map and save it as an object.
  3. Session sharing – Quickly share the current map location and application state with nearby devices.
  4. Lookup vector styles – Vector layers support configuration of lookup styles.


Workflow Manager 1.1

Ticket management enhancements

  1. Project level support – All Workflow Manager tickets now belong to a project which enables sub-ticket support.
  2. Ticket state transitions – Unique state transitions for all ticket types are not available and configurable.
  3. Improved ticket search – Performance improvements have been made to Office and Mobile ticket search.

Inspection & Survey 5.0

Map rotation and usability

  1. Map rotation – The field application supports map rotation based on GPS data.
  2. Surveyable item vector tile layer  - This layer renders surveyable items with vector tiles which improves map performance when using map rotation.
  3. Field login dialog - No longer requires users to select a crew and user at the login screen unless the username is assigned to multiple crews or multiple survey users.

Network Revenue Optimizer 1.1

Enhanced usability and performance 

  1. Estimate queue - Filterable view of the estimates that are running and have previously run.
  2. Fixed cost control in estimates - User can choose whether to apply fixed cost to a turnkey or fiber only estimate.
  3. Estimate processing performance - Improves the time it takes for estimates to complete.

IQGeo Platform 6.0

Platform component enhancements

  1. Mapping enhancements – Migration from Leaflet to OpenLayers to provide support for map rotation and enhanced performance
  2. Library upgrades – Many supporting libraries were upgraded including the replacement of Pylons with Pyramid
  3. Plugin for touch styles –  New plugin added to control touch styles on devices that support touch. This gives the user a way to turn touch styles, like the digital keyboard, on or off.
  4. Name change and branding – Formal product name change from myWorld to the IQGeo platform, along with the default color scheme changing to match the IQGeo brand.

Capture 3.1

Enhanced usability and performance 

  1. Configurable, multi-palette support - create groupings of structured features in their own palettes to better manage the features that can be included in the capture package.
  2. Package manager - Provides a convenient way to list, filter, delete, and search existing capture packages.
  3. Usability improvements - More intuitive user interface to work seamlessly across desktop and mobile platforms in addition to text box enhancements.

IQGeo Inside 2.0.4

Release of IQGeo Inside 2.0.1 (formerly known as myWorld Inside).

The latest release provides new features and bugfixes.

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