Easily and effectively enhance your inspection and survey performance

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At IQGeo we’ve been working with utility companies for over 20 years, delivering innovative geospatial solutions to common business problems, such as, inspection and survey. We specifically created myWorld Inspection & Survey to help utilities rapidly improve their inspection processes – it is flexible, and meets the requirements for a smart, simple, fast software platforms that is easy to maintain and use.

Summary of why IQGeo Inspection & Survey is so effective:



Integration capabilities

Seamless integration with your systems and devices enables you to create, optimize and perform all required field inspections and surveys digitally. The solution compliments rather than replaces your existing systems.


 Easy to deploy 

IQGeo Inspection & Survey is already in use by many major utilities, and can be deployed in a fraction of the time traditional enterprise systems require due to its modern architecture. Requires minimal IT overhead to set up.


Simple to use 

In order to gain maximum value from any new system, utilities need it to be easy for their people to use. Inspection & Survey benefits from an intuitive, familiar Google-like user interface, which means personnel need virtually zero training to understand how to use it.


 Key features for gas utilities

  • Centralized coordination of field teams and the ability to integrate multiple inspection types into a single work order
  • Fast, efficient collection of inspection information on any mobile device, online or offline with no paper-based processes
  • Platform independent geospatial integration, with any GIS or CAD system
  • Automatic data sync to your corporate systems with no requirement for duplicate error prone manual entry
  • Full audit history, GPS integration and flexible reporting at your fingertips, making compliance demonstration quick and easy
  • Up and running in weeks to augment rather than replace existing IT infrastructure, delivering rapid ROI


Benefits for your organization

Supervisors & Managers

  • Easily access any data source, whether it be GIS, WMS, Inspections or ER, in a single, web-based interface for flexible survey definition
  • See interactive reports of survey progress on a daily basis to effectively manage to target dates
  • Leverage quick, tailored reporting to easily meet compliance and audit requirements
  • Use a flexible menu driven interface to easily define different survey types and recurrences
  • Proactively get ahead of upcoming scheduling and completion issues rather than waiting until they happen

Inspectors & Surveyors

  • Smart interface works on any mobile device, making it very simple to use
  • Take photos, create digital notes, use Google with GPS for directions and see current weather conditions
  • Easily add follow up orders without the need to use a paper form
  • Modify surveys in the field to include new inspections without having to return to the office or ask a coordinator
  • Work with or without a network connection




"After adopting the IQGeo Inspection and Survey product, Unitil has increased operational efficiencies
and has been able to produce verifiable, traceable and complete audit records in support of mobile leak survey activities. We look forward to expanding the use of the myWorld Inspection and Survey product to other operational areas of the business. I am excited about our continued partnership."

Stacey Kilroy, Sr. Integrity Management and Pipeline Safety Coordinator, Unitil



If you'd like to find out more on how you can transform your inspection and survey process, download a copy of the Unitil case study