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The Business Case for a System of Record

Future-proof your fiber network and improve your operational processes with a centralized network management solution.

This webinar was hosted in partnership with the Fiber Broadband Association. 

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Is your team managing your fiber network through CAD drawings, outdated spreadsheets, or other disconnected systems?


We know that these traditional methods are time consuming, manual, and not the way forward, but justifying the cost of an enterprise network management solution is also difficult.


On this webinar, Clark Stevenson, Senior Director at IQGeo explores strategies on measuring ROI and the operational benefits of investing in a professional System of Record: 

  • Saving employee time
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Improve SLA performance
  • Preserve valuable knowledge
  • Build a foundation for growth

Clark also discussed 'The law of fiber record entropy' and the impact it will have on organizations if inadequate action is taken to control the management of fiber network records. 



Building better networks

Model anything

Expedite your network planning and design

Integrate everything

Enhance collaboration and streamline processes

Use anywhere

Eliminate operational silos to build the networks of the future

Innovate constantly

Your network success depends on rapid innovation