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As networks grow in both size and complexity, the ability to model any network architecture or requirement is critical to your success. Using the optimized modeling tools within IQGeo’s Network Manager Telecom software, you can easily create new devices without time consuming and expensive custom code. In the videos below, we share several examples of how to quickly create and use custom fiber network components. Watch our videos to learn more. 

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Cell towers

Create and deploy cell and microwave towers with fiber backhaul within your network.


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Distributed Tap networks

Create and deploy distributed Tap PON architecture within your network.


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Create and deploy complete Multiple Dwelling Units within your network.


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Smart poles

Create and deploy a smart pole architecture and property model within your network.


Find out why network operators around the world are choosing IQGeo

Find out why network operators around the world are choosing IQGeo


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From staking and design to asset inspections: digitalizing network model workflows.


See how digitization transforms common workflows, from design to construction to maintenance, helping you effortlessly manage your network model in one central platform, regardless of your GIS.

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